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Welcome to SAGES, the Student Association of Graduate English Scholars at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi.

The purpose of SAGES is to provide a broad base of support for English and M.A.I.S. (Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies) graduate students by heightening awareness of program and course concerns, providing a venue for group discussions, providing a procedure for relating these concerns to those in positions of authority, and giving the graduate students a stronger voice in matters of policy which concern them.
This site has been developed as a way for students to share information that they have found valuable in the course of their research, studies, and work. It is not intented as an official source of program information (for that, visit the English Master's Program home page or speak with a faculty advisor). However, some official information is posted here for your convenience.

SAGES is run by and for graduate students. Contributions to this site are welcome and encouraged.

student association of graduate english scholars


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